Flour or Cocaine? Better Salt to Shake up your Life!


You open your eyes and you’d rather close them after 5 seconds ’cause you can’t bear your daily routine anymore? Don’t stay still waiting for a miracle to happen, take action!

Have you ever watched the movie American Psycho?

Wake up, shower, coffee, breakfast..The routine is killing you?

The opening scene is the fascinating yet disturbing daily beauty & health care regimen of the psycho-yuppie Patrick Bateman: some fitness with a gel eye mask on, then a shower using high quality beauty products, finally the healthiest, pickiest breakfast ever made of kiwifruit, sliced Japanese apple-pear, decaffeinated herbal tea and so on.

His strict, indispensable morning routine makes up for his drug-driven nightlife as well as his rendez-vous with his victims at dusk.

Movie aside, routine can represent a real life-safer if you spontaneously tend to loosen the reins too much and indulge in bad habits. Nonetheless, it can also turn into a cage if you set a routine in all the sectors of your life: the same old job with a fixed timetable, the usual nights out with the usual friends, no new interesting encounters, a peaceful yet a bit boring relationship.

Even an exciting job might get uninteresting after some years, and the reason can be found in new, different priorities. As time goes by, goals, aims, aspirations, even the basic needs change, and the latter are maybe the hardest ones to identify. You can easily see that your job follows the same routine every day and that’s killing you, but you can’t easily recognize your partner’s fault in being so nice, why your favourite Tv series has completely lost its appeal, why even the jokes of your friends sound irritating and silly.

How comes that all these things were simply precious a couple of years ago, and now you don’t even know why you wake up in the morning?

Be the driver of your own fate!

Well, it might mean you have achieved the goals you had more or less consciously set, but you still haven’t made clear which are the new ones.

We can give you some tips to help you get rid of the dust you’re covered with.

#1. Sit down and think

What do you need? Don’t reply “Something new”, ’cause you won’t see anything new if it’s not in your visual range, i.e. among your new needs. What’s the first thing you think about when you open your eyes? Is it a desire or just grumbling?

No outer change will ever happen without an inner one.

#2. Meet the 90-year-old version of yourself

Wrinkled, maybe bold, unrecognizable in the mirror, as fragile as tissue paper but..free? Surrounded by children? At the seaside or in a small apartment in the heart of a metropolis? Spending you free time putting make-up and chatting with friends, at the library or helping people cross the street? Eating peanuts, drinking wine and smoking regardless of the diet and health?

See the end to illuminate the path.

#3. Meet your grandsons/granddaughters

“Grandpa, how was your life?” How would you like to answer? Would you like to say you’ve been adventurous, brave, that you’ve taken care of your relatives, that you’ve been loved, praised by everyone or only by your closest friends? Do you want to climb the career ladder or tell them that you’ve travelled for years and years? Be honest and don’t let social expectations deform your priorities and inhibit you.

What kind of old woman/man would you like to be?

#4. Play a game: Stop being yourself

You might not notice it, but every move you make, every step you take is influenced by your perception of the expectations of others. Since you were born, you’ve always been a daughter or son, a brother or sister, the good child in primary school, the one who’s never late or the unreliable funny friend. All these roles shape significantly your decisions. You’d like to wear a colourful skirt, but it’s been one year of dark office pants and you really don’t want your colleagues to make jokes about your legs or your taste? That’s just a small example. If you’re not ready to leave your comfort zone, then get out of your clothes and (secretly if needed) be someone else with someone who doesn’t know you.

Take up a new course, try random video chats etc.. find a place where no one knows you.

#5. Don’t neglect yourself

In the IV century BC Plato had already casted light on the interdependence between soul, mind and body: if one of these is sick, one cannot expect the other parts to be healthy.

Keep a healthy body for a healthy mind and a peaceful soul.

Take up a new activity -or a good old one- and take care of your body-mind balance

These are some useful tips that apply to anyone at any time of your life, not necessarily in an emergency situation.

Remember to stay dynamic and keep on changing the conditions you live under!



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