Cheap, Cool & Chévere: Cocktail Party!


Need some ideas for a low-budget alternative party that involves the guests in the organization of the celebration & lets off the party-stress? A Cocktail Party is the answer!

What’s the thing we all have in common, that the further it gets, the bitter it tastes for most of us? That officially lasts only one day, but it actually affects your entire life for the following year and that after one year won’t be the same anymore? That thing that for a small portion of people actually occurs only every four years, nonetheless no one cares and it affects their year and their life anyways?

It’s not a difficult riddle, and as you have probably guessed..that’s your birthday.

That’s the reason of your excitement, panic, despair, egocentrism, isolation, loneliness, melancholia and especially stress for an entire day not only for the psychological, social, bureaucratic and emotional load it brings, but also for the celebrations people expect you to organize.

It’s not always the case, but since it is very unlikely to enjoy a surprise party every year and since probably (and hopefully) your occasional depressive mood does not discourage you from celebrating it every year, it’s time to prepare it successfully.

In fact, the greatest stress is usually not only caused by the preparations, by the drawing up of fair guest list (without ruining your friendships as well as preserving your apartment from the destructive power of a horde of guests) or by the necessity to keep your budget on track, but mainly by the social pressure of organizing a great party.

“What if they get bored? Should I prepare some entertainment? Karaoke..but what if no one wants to sing? Definitely no money for a pub as everyone’s expecting me to pay at least the first round of drinks…”

These questions are as old as the hills, though every year you seem to forget which solution you found in the previous occasion.

Well, we decided to take the example from the last party organized by the never-aging Mesh Guy, a Cocktail Party.

Use mint and oranges to add some freshness to your summer cocktails

It may sound slightly fancy, but we have tested his efficacy on our multicultural patchwork skins and it might extrapolate the elegant & eccentric essence of each of your guests.

What’s the concept of a cocktail party?

Instead of using cheap alcohol to light up the party, loosen inhibitions and facilitate social interactions, good drinks become the protagonists of your party and your guest might find the career enlightenment as barmen!

Are you turning 30? Hey, you deserve more than some cheap beers! Or maybe you are in your twenties..? Well, welcome to adulthood!

No matter what you want to celebrate, a cocktail party allows you to reduce the expenses & unload a bit the stress-burden onto your guest.

Low budget, minimal stress, active engagement of your guest, creative rethinking of your celebration, self made cocktails.

What’s the ABC of a cocktail party?

  1. Good alcohol

Ok, this doesn’t exactly sound cheap, but if you need to ponder two points.

#1. Do you want your guests to gulp down the drinks and get drunk fast or to salivate, slowly enjoy and savour their cocktails? The essence of a cocktail party is summed up in ‘quality over quantity’

#2. If you want to make sure that you won’t run out of alcohol, ask your closest friends to contribute bringing a bottle (or two, three, four..) of gin, vodka, tequila, a spirit or any other good distillate you might need for the cocktails. Sharing the costs would definitely cut the price.

  1. Ingredients

The classics are ginger, lemon, lime, juices, tonic water, carbonated lemonade, salt, sugar, mint, basil, but consider putting on the table also chilli powder.

Fancy tip: create ice cubes with small flowers inside! Before you put them in the freezer, let the flowers brew in the water you’ll use for the ice cubes so that it will enhance the flavour. (Thanks Gab!)

Mix cucumber & pomegranade and rim the glass with salt

        3. Cocktail List

Since probably most of your guests have no experience in preparing cocktails, they may need some instructions to savour good drinks. Draw up a list of cocktails with the relative ingredients as well as the proportions to give them a clue.

Moreover, it is unlikely that you’ll get 10 different kinds of alcohol: a list represents a good brainstorming about what kind of alcohol you should buy.

  1. Tableware

Respect cocktail glasses. If you want to spare money then buy plastic ones, they are available in any big supermarket.

  1. Fancy dressing

The beautiful flavour of your cocktails should pair the beauty of your guests! Boost your & your guests’ self confidence by asking them to dress up nicely for the occasion. A ‘Golden Twenties’ theme party could make it all, but take into account that not all of them might be willing to put so much effort into it. Adjust the requirements to the guest list but demand some ‘fanciness’!

  1. Ambiance

Candles, flowers, a nice table cloth..take a look at the space you want to go bananas in and decorate it for the occasion!

Celebrations don’t happen every day, small details can make the difference!

  1. Playlist

Considering your friends, your personality and the tone of the party you want to organize, prepare a 3-4 hours playlist in advance: in the end it’s your party, you should relax and enjoy the party!

These are our tips, you’re free to adjust them to your needs and your personality. Our main suggestion is: Rediscover the art of drinking and tasting!


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