SmEsh the Fat! How video chatting can help you lose weight


Working out & socializing at the same time without going to the gym and without spending money? It has a chatting!

It’s Sunday morning 10 am, MeshGuy holds a bowl of oatmeal & blueberries, literally a cereal mash (or Mesh?) with blue pois that he slowly smashes (smeshes?) in his mouth, chewing and enjoying the awareness of being healthy more than the taste of it.

The spoon sinks into the oat-mush while his right leg bounces up and down restlessly. He can’t help thinking about the changes he noticed in the Mesh community: healthy, good looking smiling people.

They look fitter than ever, one could even play chess on their abs-board. Do they all schlep to the gym every day? What gave their metabolism a kick? Do they all gulp down litres of green tea or is it something else?

He is not sure about the reasons why Mesh people are glowing, but he has a theory, maybe more than one.

#1. Laugh

You have never laughed so much like now, haven’t you?. That girl/guy is only one of the reasons: Some of the people you met online are as funny as hell, so much that even your friends enjoy listening to your online-stories. In fact, it is well known that 15 min of laugh per day burns 40-50 kcal. Have you noticed it?

#2. The butterfly effect

Online chatting might not only change your life – better said, the people from all around the world you met online can – but it still makes you kind of nervous when waiting for the next video-chat to start: sweating, increased heart rate, contracted muscles…as if you were at the gym! It’s not like a workout, but it is proved that such tiny habits boost the metabolism.

#3. Sit down and fidget!

Apparently, people who fidget are likely to burn up to 350 kcal per day more than people who don’t. Well, that explains a lot! Who said that you can’t work out on the sofa?

#4. Stop living in a desert of dust!

Video-Chat: the name implies that people on the other side of the screen are able to see the background…well, it was definitely time to tide up the apartment, right? Stretch the arm to reach the shelves (triceps), move the sofa to wipe out the breadcrumbs on the floor (triceps, abs and quadriceps)..small movements for tonic muscles.

#5. Far from the fridge, far from the stomach

When you were a child, your mother prohibited you to eat and talk at the same time, both during lunch and on the phone. Have you maintained this good habit? Furthermore, being online distracts you from the delicacies stored in the fridge.

Remember to eat healthy

Be aware of what you do, hit the gym three times per week & download Mesh

One App, plenty of good habits.

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