“Nice to taste you” #2: Happy Hamburger Day!


May, 28th, USA: Happy Hamburger Day! On this occasion, the Mesh Guy suggests an alternative recipe to the American evergreen: delicious, easy-to-prepare and healthy!

Everything that’s prohibited is tempting; everything that’s at disposal is boring. That’s an easy-complex mindset deeply rooted in our brains, but as the Mesh Guy knows, when everything’s allowed and you’re striving for your best, you can make the right choice.

Wednesday night: the weekend still lies ahead in the far future, the memories of the last one are slowly fading away, easing the adrenaline that pumped tequila in your blood, or actually the blood in the tequila that was running through your veins for two days. You did not show up with a yellow face at work on Monday because of too much alcohol, smoke and lack of sleep, oh no, you must have eaten spoiled food. Well, in any case the Mesh Guy needs a little help to refresh the week and survive brilliantly till Friday night. Actually, this is exactly the same feeling he had last night..and what was the excuse on Monday? Oh right, after the WE we need a little push to start the week, isn’t it?

Vicious circles are foreign to no one, and a bad habit leads to another one if you lack discipline, the Mesh Guy is fully aware of it and that’s his secret: don’t listen to yourself when you are tired, angry, depressed, excited or any other altered state which is not likely to prompt you to take a reasonable, self respectful choice.

So, in sight of this, he knows that his (almost) uncontrollable desire of a fat, juicy steak stuck between two fragrant, warm and crunchy slices of white bread is not the answer to the aftermaths of the weekend. Plus, it is now well known that it is not the healthiest alternative to a meal, since these two main ingredients – red meat and white bread – have been said to be carcinogenic – red meat – and to slow down the metabolism – white wheat.

Well, it might sound like a heresy, but your Hamburger can also do without.

Two slices of bread or a bun & creativity: you don’t need that much to prepare an alternative hamburger!

Life shouldn’t be a punishment though, and every now and then the classic recipe brings an irreplaceable happiness. Nonetheless, if you need to be happy many times per week, we recommend you to aim for something healthy as well as tasty and discover a new kind of joyfulness.

In the occasion of the Hamburger’s Day, we suggest an alternative recipe to the classic hamburger. Tasty, balanced and guilt feelings-free ๐Ÿ™‚

You just need to:

#1. Replace white bread with whole-wheat bread, rye bread or any other kind of bread which is not made of refined flour. Isn’t black the evergreen of sexiness and elegance?

#2. A well-spiced white meat, such as chicken breasts previously grilled with pepper and lemon as well as the vegan alternative of Seitan can let you forget the bloody burger and won’t be as heavy to digest. The latter can be cooked in a pan with onion, cashews and sesame or flavoured with soybean sauce – for those who like to experiment.

#3. Free way to vegetables, of course.

#4. According to the ingredients you’ll add, you can decide what kind of healthy cheese can enrich the taste. Fresh cheese like ricotta may pair a refreshing hamburger with tomatoes, lettuce and onion,ย  but cheese can also be replaced by an avocado & ginger sauce.

#5. And what about the unmissable French fries? Why don’t you julienne some carrots and roast them in the oven? Crunchy, sweet and definitely healthy!



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