The Most Common Prejudices about Dating Apps


Are you thinking of signing up to a dating app but you don’t dare due to the widespread obsolete criticism & myths surrounding the topic? Here we’ll tell you why you shouldn’t care.

“Are you crazy? I don’t need that stuff!” “Naa, it’s not for me” “Dunno, it feels weird..” “Maybe, I’ll think about it” “Well, ok, but please don’t tell anyone I’ve done it!”

Your friends spent weeks, months, maybe even years trying to convince you to sign up to a dating website or app, and finally…’Habemus account’! But only under one condition: no one should know, only your closest friends, well of course not all of them, they wouldn’t understand; moreover, you don’t need to justify yourself to anyone, right?

Generally speaking, no one would argue the fact that your love life is actually private, and you should consider thoughtfully who you share it with, but most of the times this represents just the disguise for the true reason of your discretion, i.e. embarrassment.

But why is it so shameful to join online dating platforms or online random chats?

There may be various reasons for this social stigma, and they definitely vary according to age, gender, cultural and environmental background etc., but we tried to sum them up:

#1. You, horny pony, shame on your lust!

“Mum, we actually met online, he studies at Harvard and works at Goldman Sachs..” “Wash your mouth, daughter! I don’t want to hear words like ‘Hard’ and ‘Sucks’ anymore! Internet is the devil, my grandmother was right!”

This is a classic, the world of online dating/chatting is exclusively for perverts and nymphomaniacs. Sic.

#2. Social incompetence

If you were able to interact with people in this dimension, you wouldn’t need to go online! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…only for social dumbs! Are we sure?

#3. Lazy monkey, stand up and go out!

Home, office, home, sofa, bed, phone. You don’t need more, huh?! You’re gonna be buried alive under tons of dust and marshmallows!

#4. ..Your love life was sad, but now it’s simply tragic..

Before it was a zero, Null, rien de rien, but still better than the awkward encounters with weird people you may make online. Really? :/

You probably heard many more, but as we don’t want you to back off, let’s analyze the pros of online chatting and the real reasons that prompted you – or may do it – to start doing it.

#1. Long friendships make distance shorter

It’s undeniable: Internet has dissolved the geographical barrier when living in different cities, countries, continents. And it’s indisputable that not all of us have the chance to travel. Is there a better way to know a culture than through its people?

#2. The Net bustles with people from different backgrounds

Where else could you have the chance to meet such an interesting architect since your friends only want to talk about football, boobs and drink till they collapse?

It is a simple matter of facts that specific social circles are not accessible if you do not belong to them. Online chats make the step shorter and easier.

#3. Aren’t words important for communication?

The importance of non-verbal communication has already been demonstrated, but it’s likewise assessed that words have a big social impact. Furthermore, the power of emoticons, punctuation or even simple dots shouldn’t be underestimated. How many times have you spent 1 hour trying to compose the perfect SMS? And have you ever heard of Video-Chats? 😉

#4. An easy way to shake up your life

No one is superman AND we don’t share the same brains, the same qualities, weaknesses, potential or possibilities. So even if it was for ‘less noble’ reasons, you should feel neither ashamed nor a social failure. If you need something new or to talk to someone that doesn’t know you at all and who is free from prejudices or expectations about yourself, well, Internet is the place to be.

We could go on, but it’s up to you now to consider what you are missing.

But before you try it, you should maybe ask yourself what’s the reason that led you there, be honest with yourself and be the first one not to discriminate yourself.

The incontrovertible truth doesn’t exist, therefore it’s up to you to define what’s right and what’s wrong for yourself.

And remember: People are as weak as you do, but showing off air-filled muscles doesn’t bring anything but misunderstandings and discrimination 😉

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